Wheelchair access


The Lexi Cinema’s retrofitted Edwardian building presents a few access challenges, but we are 100% committed to constantly improving access for all.

Drop off point The recommended drop off point for wheelchair users is around the corner from the cinema, the first left turn onto Hardinge Road. There is a drop kerb at the entrance to the car park for the Kensal Rise Constitutional Club on the immediate left-hand side of the turning. There is a raised kerb further along, should any visitors need a kerb to help them alight from a vehicle.

The Box Office and Screen 1 have level access from the street. Our box office counter also has a lower recessed section.


The Balcony and Main Bar are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. We are very happy to serve you in your seat if you’d like anything from the bar – if you place your order at the box office on arrival we will bring your drinks to you.


To access Screen 2 there is a gravel car park to cross at the back of the building which may not be optimal for all. There is an intercom at this entrance which will be answered by the Box Office volunteer.  Upon greeting you and understanding that you require access, they will release the door electronically.  Our duty manager will meet you there to deploy the portable ramp if required, and to ensure you have all you need.  Yourself or a companion may present themselves at the Box Office first, or go directly to the Screen 2 entrance.  If you would like any assistance crossing the car park, presenting at the Box Office or calling on either of the phone numbers below, is advisable. There is a small bar for Screen 2 but this won’t always be open, so please check ahead of your visit.


Wheelchair seats can be booked through our booking line 11am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.  Outside of these times, you can call the office on 0208 955 1521.  In Screen 1 these are seats B1 and B2 and in Screen 2 these are A0 and A1. The duty manager on the day will be expecting you and we can make them aware of any other access needs you may have. You are welcome to transfer into a seat, or we can remove the seat to make space for your wheelchair.


Accessible gender-neutral toilets These are found immediately inside the main entrance, and in the Screen 2 lounge.


D/deaf customers

Our hearing loop has been upgraded to the Dolby Fidelio system, and we have headsets for customers to use in the auditoriums. You can also bring your own earphones if you prefer. Please ask for a device at the box office and let us know which screen you’re heading to so we can tune you in!  Read below for further detail.

We run screenings with closed captions twice a month, so please check our programme for details.  

Other events such as Relaxed and Dementia-friendly screenings will be defined appropriately in our programme listings.

CC = Closed Captions  (Subtitled dialogue)


AD = Audio Described e.g. "Aeroplane flies over head”. Provided through a headset with adjustable volume on request at Box Office. Only for films labelled as such.  The film will not be subtitled unless also specified.


HI = Hearing Impaired. Dialogue is amplified through a headset at adjustable volume. Units to access this facility are available for all films, at the Box Office.  The film will not be subtitled unless also specified.

Visually impaired customers

The Dolby Fidelio system also offers audio description, but currently not all films we screen will have audio description available. Where films do come with audio description files we will indicate this by tagging screenings with the AD (Audio Described) tag, as well as featuring them on the Audio Described page on the Accessibility tab of our website. For films marked as AD, please ask for a headset at the box office and let us know which screen you’re going to.

Guide dogs are welcome.

Neurodiverse customers

Our Relaxed Screenings are Autism-friendly and include films from our main programme in a more relaxed environment, with no adverts or trailers, better lighting and lower sound volumes. Relaxed Screenings are tailored for a neurodiverse audience but also for anyone who would appreciate a more informal cinema setting, where you are able to exit the screening at any time if you need a breakout space.

Free tickets for carers

Those with access needs will be charged the usual price for any screening. However, if you have a carer who needs to accompany you, they are entitled to a free ticket. These can be booked in advance over the phone (we won't charge the booking fee), or in person at the box office. We always recommend booking in advance to ensure you get the seats that meet your needs. Our staff know that not all disabilities are visible so we will not ask to see any ID.

If you can’t find the information you need on this page, or if you have a suggestion for improvements, please email