Lexi Cinema Screen 1 Seats


Step 1.

On the homepage – – click on the Membership tab at the top.

Step 2.

Once on the Membership tab, click on the appropriate membership: Single, Joint, Senior, etc.

Step 3.

If you’re new to us - welcome - complete your details to set up a customer account. (For Joint Memberships, both people will need accounts.) If you’re already a customer and have log in details - well done - log in now.

Step 4.

On the PAYMENT – ORDER DETAILS page, enter the Voucher Code where asked and then CONFIRM at the bottom of the page. (The Voucher Code looks like this: V - 123 – ABC –ABC.)

Step 5.

Your membership is now active.

Please note, if you're redeeming a membership voucher and the price doesn't match the value of the voucher, you'll need to redeem your voucher over the phone on 020 3011 5523.