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We delight in bringing you ‘added value’ screenings, with the chance to see more, learn more, and discuss further. 

The Lexi is the perfect venue for intimate Q&As and panel discussions.   Our guests love the place, and they also appreciate that our audiences tend to know their stuff and ask intelligent, original and entertaining questions!   In addtion to our own on-site Q&As we regularly broadcast live-by-satellite Q&As and introductions.

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This programme of two films reflects the seminal influence of film critic/activist/feminist B. Ruby Rich, and Sophie Mayer and Maria Cabrera will introduce the event.  "Desire lives in such memories, alongside truths and pleasures and yearning," wrote Rich on the work of Sadie Benning, and Lucrecia Martel’s second feature shares the evocative terrain of queer girlhood, sounding out the revolutionary power of girls.  

The Holy Girl (La niña santa), directed by Lucrecia... More info

Do you shape the world or does the world shape you?  We don't choose to exist, or the environment in which we grow up. Our starting point in life is one of passive reliance on forces over which we have no control. From birth onwards, our minds are a battleground of competing forces - familial, educational, cultural, economic, corporate and political - which determine not only who we become, but also the society we create. Featuring leading thinkers from around the world, this... More info

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