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The Lexi is the perfect venue for intimate Q&As and panel discussions.   Our guests love the place, and they also appreciate that our audiences tend to know their stuff and ask intelligent, original and entertaining questions!   In addtion to our own on-site Q&As we regularly broadcast live-by-satellite Q&As and introductions.

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Sometimes you have to travel a long way to recognise the place that is home, both literally and spiritually.  Such is the quest that adventurer Sarah Outen set herself between 2011 and 2015 when she circumnavigated the globe under her own power, travelling over 22,000 miles and encountering widely divergent cultures, terrains and climates. Along the way her blog attracted thousands of followers who were engaged by Sarah's humour and vivacity.  Woven out of hundreds of hours of... More info

In 1941 Ulric Cross left his Trinidadian home to seek his fortune. He survived the war and became the RAF’s most decorated West Indian, then his life took a dramatically different course when he followed the call of history and joined the independence movements sweeping the world in the 50’s and 60’s.

Cross’s long life spanned key moments of the 20th century, including independence in Africa and the Caribbean. This film - Cross's story - is also about the dynamic, transformative... More info

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