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We delight in bringing you ‘added value’ screenings, with the chance to see more, learn more, and discuss further. 

The Lexi is the perfect venue for intimate Q&As and panel discussions.   Our guests love the place, and they also appreciate that our audiences tend to know their stuff and ask intelligent, original and entertaining questions!   In addtion to our own on-site Q&As we regularly broadcast live-by-satellite Q&As and introductions.

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Tawai:  the word used by the nomadic hunter-gatherers of Borneo to describe their inner feeling of connection to nature. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life, explorer and television documentay maker Bruce Parry travels the world to learn from people living lives very differently to our own. From the jungles of Malaysia to the tributaries of the Amazon, Tawai is a quest for reconnection, providing a powerful voice from the heart of the forest itself. 

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The first time Tom Stocks, a young man from Bolton, got an offer at drama school he deferred the place for a year to work and save up.  Even so, and with his parent's best help, he was still unable to cover fees + expenses.  Recognising many others from diverse backgrounds are similarly penalised, he started a campaign, 'Actor Awareness', to highlight socio-economic exclusion in the Arts.

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Larger than life; wild, fierce, androgynous - Grace Jones is all of these, yet here she also reveals Grace the daughter, mother, sister, and even grandmother. The documentary includes a specially commissioned performance, with such sublime classics as Slave To The Rhythm and Pull Up To The Bumper, and this soundtrack also links to Grace's personal life as the film takes us on a trip across Jamaica, where her family roots and the story of her traumatic childhood are uncovered.  

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