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We delight in bringing you ‘added value’ screenings, with the chance to see more, learn more, and discuss further. 

The Lexi is the perfect venue for intimate Q&As and panel discussions.   Our guests love the place, and they also appreciate that our audiences tend to know their stuff and ask intelligent, original and entertaining questions!   In addtion to our own on-site Q&As we regularly broadcast live-by-satellite Q&As and introductions.

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Director:  Karel Reisz, 1961
Speaker:  Samuel West, actor (On Chesil Beach, Suffragette, Howard's End)
“Don’t let the bastards grind you down. What I want is a good time. All the rest is propaganda.” Pay tribute to the mighty Albert Finney with the film and performance that made his name. Finney is Arthur Seaton, a no nonsense Nottingham factory worker determined not to be ‘tied down’ by marriage, family or responsibility. But this is far from a... More info

We are very pleased that director Dominga Sotomayor will join us for a live Q&A after the film.

Chile 1990, a country stretching its wings post-Pinochet, exhilarated by new-found freedom but still tentative in the face of an uncertain future.  This political reality is paralleled by this story of an idealistic community living off-grid in a commune in the foothills of the Andes. The film concentrates on the adolescents:  sixteen year old Sofia yearns to return to... More info

Black History Studies brings you the well loved story of one of America’s most overlooked and misunderstood musical geniuses, Nina Simone.  Director Jeff L. Lieberman takes audiences on Nina’s own journey, from the segregated South, through to the distinct worlds of classical music, jazz joints and international concert halls. Within the context of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, the film delves into Nina’s artistry and intentions, answering questions behind her most beloved... More info

Director:  Hikaru Toda, 2017
Speaker:  Elhum Shakerifar, producer (Of Love & Law, Even When I Fall, A Syrian Love Story)

This remarkable documentary follows Fumi and Kazu, who are partners in love and law: they run the first law firm in Japan set up by an openly gay couple. As lawyers driven by their own experience of being outsiders, the lawyers and their misfit clients expose and challenge the status quo that deems them second-class citizens. Against a backdrop... More info

Director:  Sanjay Leela Bhansali, 2007
Speaker:  Ryan Lanji, curator, founder of Hungama
The first Bollywood film to be  co-funded and released by a major Hollywood studio, Saawariya is a dizzying romantic tragedy adapted from Dostoyevsky’s story White Nights, also the inspiration for films by Viconti and Bresson. Vibrantly shot in deep blues and blacks and packed with memorable songs and cameos from Bollywood legends, Saawariya follows the obsessive... More info

Director:  Bryan Forbes, 1963
Speaker:  Selina Robertson, programmer (Independent Cinema Office, Club Des Femmes)

A key work of the British New Wave, this adaptation of Lynne Reid Banks’s excoriating novel stars Leslie Caron as a young Frenchwoman marooned in London, unmarried and pregnant at the dawn of the 60s revolution. Touching intelligently on themes of class, race, gender equality and simple, honest friendship, The L-Shaped Room is powerful, compassionate and... More info

Di Journey follows a dramatic multi-generational mobilisation to change and shape modern Britain. It's also a story about the rebellious spirit and important cultural contribution of this community to a uniquely vibrant and diverse London and Albion.

The documentary explores immigration and race relations through the chronicles of the African-Caribbean community in Britain. These themes are particularly topical now, with recent sharpening of xenophobic tensions. Di Journey is a... More info

Director:  Yolande DuLuart, 1972
Speaker:  Charmaine Simpson, co-founder Black History Studies

Writer, intellectual and civil rights icon Angela Davis was one of the most outspoken activists of the 1960s and 1970s, embodying everything that white, conservative, patriarchal America feared. A professor of philosophy at UCLA, Davis was also a communist, a Black Panther and a vocal critic of the U.S. government. This documentary directed by Yolande DuLuart, one of Davis’... More info

We are very pleased to be participating in the "Let's Talk About Death" project, which offers people the opportunity to engage with death and dying through film and discussion.

The feature documentary Dead Good is preceded by a short, Holding Space. Both films explore the closely related themes of end-of-life care, dying, and funerals. Afterwards there will be a panel discussion with both directors – Rehana Rose (Dead Good) and Rebecca Kenyon (Holding Space) – and a death Doula.... More info

Filmed over five years, this follows three women and their football team in post-revolution Libya, as the country descends into civil war and the utopian hopes of the Arab Spring begin to fade. Through the eyes of these accidental activists, we see the reality of a country in transition, where the personal stories of love and aspirations collide with history. It's an intimate film about hope, struggle and sacrifice in a land where dreams seem a luxury; a love letter to sisterhood... More info

Visionary author Margaret Atwood launches her long-awaited sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale at midnight on 9 September in bookshops, followed by a live broadcast interview from the Lyttleton stage at the National Theatre. The sequel, The Testaments, is set 15 years after the end of its predecessor, in a draconian Gilead which continues to enslave women for breeding purposes. The original has become a modern classic, reentering the Best Sellers List in 2017 ahead of Game of Thrones,... More info

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