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Saturday’s tend to start mercilessly early in households with young 'uns; by 10:30 it can feel like the day is already half gone. Give yourself and your kids a break: mosey on over to 'our house’ for a Saturday morning playdate. We have an ever-changing diet of child-friendly fare (with nary an ‘E’ number or artificial additive among them!). This isn't a drop off playdate, though; all children must be accompanied by an adult (just as all adults must be accompanied by a child or two!).

In addition to our weekly Saturday morning fix we also schedule kid-friendly matinees during the school holidays. These can be very popular; pre-booking takes the guesswork out of the day's plans.

Kids stuff coming up:

"It’s gloriously silly but still pop-culture-literate stuff (was that Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landing?), packed with dizzyingly frenetic action and fabulously expressive verbal gobbledygook, the latter largely courtesy of co-director Pierre Coffin. I started laughing the moment I heard the minions singing the Universal theme in their helium-inflected tones, and remained tickled yellow for the following 90 minutes."

So says Mark Kermode, who obviously has a bit of a soft spot... More info

You don't need telling, we're sure!  A cutesome up-date of the classic books, bringing the dear bear smoothly into the 21st Century without sacrificing the essential, innocent charms.  Don't forget to pack the marmalade sandwiches.

The rescuers of the title are a pair of mice, Bernard and Miss Bianca. A little girl named Penny has been kidnapped by Miss Medusa. When the human law enforcement officials fail to locate the child, Bernard and Miss Bianca take over with the help of several colourful animal companions.

This vintage (not often seen) classic remains one of the most popular of the Disney films produced after the death of Uncle Walt.

London's annual International Animation Festival provides a wealth of magical animation, and our quarterly compilations picks the cream of the short films aimed at young children. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you think, and hopefully they will inspire our next generation of animators!

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We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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