Family Fun

Family fun - we're dedicated to it!  Starting from birth with our carers & babies screenings, we're keen to be cultivating tomorrow's generation of enthusiastic cineastes. And we're not unmindful of the fact that time out with the brood, sitting in a chilled, dark cinema, is a boon to hard-working parents.  We offer the best family films at special matinee screenings during the school holidays, ranging from animation aimed at the youngest audiences through to our Teen Screen films (often with a Super Hero theme).  Tickets are £5 for kids of all ages.  

Time out, anyone?

Our summer Teen Reviewer, Ennis Barnett, says:

"Following the events that took place in Captain America: Civil War, the young, newly crowned T’Challa returns to his homeland Wakanda. However, he finds his position in jeopardy when an old enemy reappears and Wakanda is drawn into the brink of a civil war.  T’Challa is forced to confront his old enemies and the actions of his dead father.

"Time magazine reported that Black Panther marked a 'major milestone' that was a... More info

Our summer teen reviewer, Ennis Barnett, says:

“'We’re here, we’re hairy and it’s our right to be scary'. Those are the words the monsters hear when they enter the cruise ship, which marks the beginning of their magical monster vacation. But this is no normal family vacation. The monsters are in grave danger as an evil, unknown plot is being hatched against them.

"This is hugely funny with hilarious comments on relationships between: father and daughter, husband and... More info

Our junior reviewer, Ennis Barnett, says:

"Following on from the disaster that left Jurassic World in ruin, Owen and Claire return to the island to try and save the dinosaurs from an erupting volcano that would ensure their extinction. On this mission they discover a terrifying and potentially destructive conspiracy, which would change the world forever.

"This is a highly entertaining film with many unexpected twists and turns. It is a worthy addition to the Jurassic Park... More info

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