Carers & Babies

Carers & Babies screenings, every Monday at 11:00 a.m.  View our week's main feature in like-minded company:  swop feeding tips and compare junior milestones - or determinedly don’t talk ‘baby talk’ – for a couple of hours respite in our totally baby-friendly zone.  Our spectacular Bruce Munro light installation is said to have a powerfully calming effect on our little guests, leading some to propose that our “scream screen” shows are the quietest in the country…

Not only are the lights low, so is the ticket price at £7 per adult (babies free).

Please note, by law babies under 1 year old can come along with you to any certificate of film.  Over one year old, though, we must check for 'age appropriateness' in line with the film's certificate.

Our man - identified only as The Protagonist (John David Washington) - is inducted into a covert effort to avert global disaster.  Scientist Clemence Poesy's explanation baffles as much as it informs - us as well as him - when she introduces bullets that travel backwards; not backwards in time, more in reversing the behaviour of matter. It's an indication of just how elemental the threat is!  Armed with sophisticated gadgetry galore, backed by a big soundtrack and thrilling action... More info

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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