Carers & Babies

Carers & Babies screenings, every Monday at 11:00 a.m.  View our week's main feature in like-minded company:  swop feeding tips and compare junior milestones - or determinedly don’t talk ‘baby talk’ – for a couple of hours respite in our totally baby-friendly zone.  Our spectacular Bruce Munro light installation is said to have a powerfully calming effect on our little guests, leading some to propose that our “scream screen” shows are the quietest in the country…

Not only are the lights low, so is the ticket price at £7 per adult (babies free).

Please note, by law babies under 1 year old can come along with you to any certificate of film.  Over one year old, though, we must check for 'age appropriateness' in line with the film's certificate.

The final chapter in the life of Judy Garland - troubled, gutsy, drug addicted and outrageously talented - was played out in public during her punishing 5 week booking at the Talk of the Town nightclub, London, in 1969.  Desperate for money, Judy took the booking against her better judgment, reluctantly leaving her 2 young children behind. Those performances were often chaotic and on the edge, with Garland frail, unsteady and bleary, but frequently lit up by the ol' magic - by this time... More info

Urban-farmer-turned-radical-preacher Moses (Marchant Davis) attracts the attention of ambitious FBI agent Kendra (Anna Kendrick).  She's got targets to meet, and Moses has been overheard  espousing race and class war.  The fact that Moses is a man off his meds, a fantasist who sees dinosaurs and thinks that Satan is talking to him through a duck, doesn't get in the way of her plot to fit him up as the next Bin Laden.  When a mysterious Middle Eastern 'patron' approaches... More info


“Weird as it sounds, this movie is a love story about me and a house,” writes Jimmie Fails, co-star and inspiration for the story. With all else in flux in his life, Jimmie's lodestar is an elaborate house, his childhood home in the now-gentrified area of Fillimore. Lodging with his friend, aspiring playwrite Mont, Jimmie spends his spare time doing guerilla repairs to the house - much to the chagrin of the present owners who regularly find Jimmie touching up rickrack... More info

Hard-working and resourceful Ricky (Kris Hitchen) and Abby (Debbie Honeywood) struggle to stay on the ladder, parent two teenagers and still have enough time over for an occasional laugh and a cuddle. When Ricky takes a new delivery job, being 'self-employed' seems to offer an edge.  The change leaves the couple very thinly stretched, as Abby juggles her health assistant job with trying to support their truant son and Ricky struggles with long days and high targets. It's a recipe for... More info

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