Carers & Babies

Carers & Babies screenings, every Monday at 11:00 a.m.  View our week's main feature in like-minded company:  swop feeding tips and compare junior milestones - or determinedly don’t talk ‘baby talk’ – for a couple of hours respite in our totally baby-friendly zone.  Our spectacular Bruce Munro light installation is said to have a powerfully calming effect on our little guests, leading some to propose that our “scream screen” shows are the quietest in the country…

Not only are the lights low, so is the ticket price at £7 per adult (babies free).

Whitney Houston - another story of extraordinary talent and tragic vulnerability played out all too publicly.  This is the second documentary to chart her rise and fall in just a year, although Nick Broomfield's early runner was rather scrappy, lacking the access and assurance of Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald's (Touching the Void, Marley) authorised version.  News coverage from the period is intercut with family pictures and video, demo tapes and unreleased songs, contrasting the... More info

This is an uncommon story about a Calvinist priest, Toller (Ethan Hawke), for whom religion comes easily enough but Faith is more difficult.  His quiet crisis erupts when one of his parishioners, pregnant Mary (Amanda Seyfried), asks him to counsel her husband Michael, a doomsday environmentalist who can't in all conscience bring a child into the world.  With his Faith found wanting - and perhaps grudgingly agreeing with Michael’s own doubts - Toller endures his own Gethsemene; a... More info

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