Carers & Babies

Every Monday morning approaching 11:00 a convoy of prams and buggies can be tracked making its way determinedly up the Chamberlayne Road.  The attraction?  The chance to mimic adult behaviour, catching the current cinema releases with other adults, in our dedicated Carers & Babies screenings.  Swop feeding tips and compare junior milestones - or determinedly don’t talk ‘baby talk’ – for a couple of hours respite in our totally baby-friendly zone. 

Not only are the lights low, so is the ticket price at £7 per adult (babies free). Our Bruce Munro light installation is said to have a powerfully calming effect on our little guests, leading some to propose that our “scream screen” shows are the quietest in the country…

The story is simple enough:  couple Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara agree to move, even though Affleck feels ineffably attached to their modest home.  All bets are off, though, when Affleck is tragically killed in a car accident, and in a truly memorable cinematic moment we see his corpse rise from the morgue table - sheet and all - and trudge its way back to the house to keep watch over his shattered partner.  Thereafter his mute, inchoate angst is read against what he... More info

Detroit, 1967.  It was a long, hot summer and racial tensions, always at a simmer, were building in the largely black landscape of downtown.  The city was the original cauldron of equality; plentiful well-paid jobs on the automotive assembly lines created a rainbow middle class, but this once-wealthiest city in the US was on its way down, and there was no Motown soundtrack for what was to come.  Five days after a flashpoint encounter between police and the black community,... More info

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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