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Our Charity

The Lexi is the only cinema in London to give 100% of our distributable profits to charity, providing vital support to the pioneering Sustainability Institute in South Africa.

The Sustainability Institute is a sustainable living and learning centre based in rural Stellenbosch, South Africa. With its educational and food programmes and ecological research initiatives, the SI is making a huge difference to the families of Lynedoch Village and the surrounding area.

Much of the funding from the Lexi is dedicated to supporting the children and young people of Lynedoch.

Projects We Fund Include...

Sustainability Institute classroom - lexi cinema charity

The village's care-from-birth crèche and Montessori nursery

A new early learning centre

Providing nourishing meals

The Lynedoch Youth Programme

Water capturing and 100% recycling

The Lynedoch Land Conservancy

...which takes local children up to school age.

...for infants and preschoolers, mainly the children of local farmworkers.

... to children who might otherwise go hungry. 200 kids a day benefit from this provision and the food is delicious, too! 

...which provides academic, recreational, cultural, sport and welfare activities to help unlock young people’s potential. Substance abuse, youth gangs and teen pregnancy mean that only a small proportion of local teens complete high school. In recent years the Lexi has funded the Dream Space, a safe space for teenagers and 'youths in transition' - school leavers who are being helped into work.

... in a water-scarce region.

...home to over 1000 indigenous trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens. The financial investment in this Conservancy makes possible assistance for homes for previously disadvantaged families.

  • The village's crèche & nursery
  • A new early learning centre
  • Providing nourishing meals
  • The Lynedoch Youth Programme
  • Water capturing & recycling
  • The Lynedoch Land Conservancy

Much of this would not have been possible without Lexi audiences. Thank you!

For an overview of all that was achieved by the SI in 2020, read their Impact Report


“Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that a son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a country”

Nelson Mandella

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