Our Charity

Our Charity

Did you know that we donate 100% of our profits to charity? By having a great time at the Lexi*, you’re helping to support future generations in a very different part of the world. Feels pretty good, right?

The charity we support  is The Sustainability Institute, a pioneering sustainable living and learning centre based in rural Stellenbosch, South Africa.  Through a series of internationally acclaimed programmes the SI is making a major difference for the families of Lynedoch Village and surrounding area. 

Much of the funding from the Lexi is dedicated to working with the children in the village.  Projects include:  

  • Supporting the village's crèche
  • Providing school meals where otherwise children may go without
  • Creating after school clubs and activities (football, karate, and - yes - film making!) to keep vulnerable teens occupied
  • Developing solar power and water management systems

Click here for a glimpse into life in Lynedoch, and you can also find out about the new school in the village.  The school joins up the early years' support and the after-school activities that Lexi customers have supported so far.  And to help the children get the most out of the school day, the SI have fund raised for a school bus to make the journey to school shorter, easier and safer, and they hope to raise money for a second bus.  Learn more about the 'Sponsor a ride, change a life' campaign here.  For the overview on all that has been achieved at the SI in 2018, read their Impact Report.

So, enjoy that warm, creamy feeling, for every kernal of popped corn you crunch, every sip of fine Merlot you savour, contributes to the quality of life of those in need at the other end of the world.

Thank you!

Visit The Sustainabilitiy Institute website…