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Redeem A Membership

Setting up your Gift Lexi Membership online

Your super thoughtful ‘giftor’ has paid for a year’s worth of treats, discounts and, of course, lovingly curated cinema. Your fun begins once you set up your membership, as normal, using your Voucher Code as payment. You’re in like Flynn then; you can start enjoying benefits immediately.

Let’s get you enlisted!

How to redeem
Step 1.
On the homepage – – click on the Membership tab at the top.
Step 2.
Click on the “Click here to join securely” link, upper right. (Online shortcut here.) Then click on the appropriate membership: Single, Joint, Senior, etc.
Step 3.
If you’re new to us - welcome - complete your details to set up a customer account. (For Joint Memberships, both people will need accounts.) If you’re already a customer and have log in details - well done - log in now.
Step 4.
On the PAYMENT – ORDER DETAILS page, enter the Voucher Code where asked and then CONFIRM at the bottom of the page. (The Voucher Code looks like this: V - 123 – ABC –ABC.)
Step 5.
Your membership is now active. No problem that you don’t have a card yet; we don’t post these out, but you can collect it from the Box Office next time you’re in.

Need some assistance?

You can give us a ring on 020 3011 5523 if you have any questions.

Alternatively, you can pop by the box office and sign up in person – make sure you have your Voucher Code ready!

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