Lexi MembershipWe offer the following membership options:

  • £35  Single membership
  • £65  Joint membership
  • £30  Single student/senior membership*
  • £55  Joint student/senior membership*
*The small print:  students and seniors may be asked to provide proof of status.  Seniors are 60+.

Here’s what a member gets:

  • 3 free cinema tickets (6 free tickets with a Joint membership)
  • £2 off each member’s ticket for a year
  • 10% off at the gallery bar and kiosk
  • Advanced booking windows for popular shows
  • Huge boost to self-esteem and warm and fuzzy feelings of belonging

Buy your membership online or over the phone, and collect the membership card on your next visit to The Lexi. (Please note, we don’t post out membership cards.)

If you are renewing an existing membership, log in here using your email and password and then click on the 'My Membership' choice in the menu on the left of the page. You will see when the membership expires, with a link to renew it.

To set up a new Joint Membership, both people must have accounts. Start here if you need to register a new person.  (If registering two new people, auto-fill may helpfully complete for you.  Simply delete the wrong person's details and add the new information.)  You will need to know their post code plus their Patron Number - shown at the end - to register them as the joint member. 

New member, buying online for the first time?  Get the 'how to's' here.

Membership is allways the correct size and colour when given as a gift!  If you’re buying a gift membership, you will find a link to click in the purchase process, or you can choose 'Gift Membership' from the menu on the left once you have clicked through above.

Been given a membership as a gift?  How brilliant!  Click here for how to redeem your gift voucher and set up your membership.


Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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