London: A Bigger Picture comes to Brent

Collecting Home Movies, Screening Heritage Film, Opening the Archives, Involving the Community

Showing Times

Fri 17 Apr, 14:00

Join us for a special screening event to mark the launch of London: A Bigger Picture as we take you on a tour of Brent through a selection of archive film clips. Fun, fascinating and poignant, the clips offer breath-taking insight into how Brent has changed. Hear about Brent's film history from speakers including film archivist Louise Pankhurst and local experts, and find out how you can get involved by submitting your own films to London: A Bigger Picture

Managed by Film London, London’s Screen Archives are a unique network of historic film collections working together on a common mission. Through our network we hold London’s rich film heritage, from feature films to the tiniest scrap of home movie, with particular strengths in public information films, newsreels, films from industry and business or amateur productions. Individually, these tell personal stories, of how life has been lived: collectively, they tell bigger stories of changing neighbourhoods, patterns of work, travel, commerce, leisure and governance.

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