We like to think that our swanky li'l venue is highly photogenic.  This sampling is designed to give you an idea of the space, but if it's the dry stuff you're after - floor plan, capacity, tech spec, etc - click here.






Our auditorium seats 75, including the balcony.  The front 2 rows are loose seating which can be reconfigured flexibly.



The balcony is cosy, comfortable and exclusive.






Our screen is side-to-side BIG, with one of the  best cinema sound systems in the country.  (*Imagine splendid sound quality here.*)




Our bar provides a useful breakout space.  More usually, though, it is known for its hard drinks and soft music!




The Gallery has additional flexible seating - overlooked by some of the best art by local artists decking the walls.





At the heart of the Box Office is our traditional popcorn machine.  We are proud to be one of the few cinemas in London who still pops fresh!




In fair weather - and sometimes even in foul - our Yard is an inviting place to linger over a drink.




You can be as witty, sentimental or informative as you like on our imposing readograph.





We are known for our beautiful Bruce Munro light sculpture which captivates visitors young and old.












                        "I am a cinema, love me," is our motto.

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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