Getting started!


“There’s no place like the Lexi.

There’s no place like the Lexi. 

There’s no place like the Lexi…” (The Wizard of Oz) 



As a member you are a cherished part of the Lexi inner circle!  

To help get you started with booking online, the two pieces of information you need to get your member’s discounts are your email address (that’s easy!) and also a password of your own devising (that’s pretty easy, too).

After choosing your tickets, you will be asked to log in.

• If you’ve bought tickets with us before and have an existing customer account, log in as usual and the system will now recognise you as a member.

• If this is your first time buying online, enter your email address and then click on “change password” from the menu to the left of the page to set up your own password.

• If you are part of a joint membership, you will be asked now if you want log in your joint member xxx (their name).

You get to start saving money on the ‘Discounts’ page! Under no. 3, ‘Assign individual tickets…’, you need to tick the discounts you want to use.

• If any of your free members’ tickets are available, you may tick to use any or all of these now. They are transferable – treat your friends and family, if you chose.

• More routinely you’re likely to be claiming your £2 discount. Tick your name under one of the ticket/s to claim this. (This discount may only be used for your own ticket.)

• If you have logged in with your joint member, you'll see their name under the tickets, too. Tick their name under a second ticket. (Again, this discount may only be used for the joint member.)

Having chosen your discounts, click ‘Apply membership discounts’ for the system to update the cost of your tickets.

If you are doing a group booking which includes other members, you can get their discounts, too, in the same transaction. Click on ‘add another member to this booking’ (natch!). You will need to provide their surname + their membership number. Once you’ve added them to the booking, you tick their name under one of the tickets to discount it. (Again, this reduces when you ‘apply membership discounts’.)

Payment details, on the following page, will need completing with each purchase. Handy as auto-fill is - and secure as our web processing is - we chose not to hold this kind of information on our customers.

Your free members’ tickets cannot be used for a premium priced event such as NT Live or the MET Opera.

Ignore references to a patron number. This is an internal thing and not relevant.

Happy viewing! If you experience any difficulties getting started, please give us a call on the booking line, 020 3011 5523. This is staffed during office hours, and one of us will be pleased to help.

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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