"Hard to suppress the hyperbole with this one. Bewitching. Truly an awesome achievement." David Jenkins, LWLies

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After a 10 year break, inspirational writer/director Lucrecia Martel (The Headless Woman, The Holy Girl) returns with this mesmerising adaptation of an important Argentinian novel.  Don Diego de Zama is a mid-rank colonial administrator in a remote Spanish colony in the late 18th century.  While he waits for the letter from the King instructing him to return to his family back in Spain, he is eternally playing the long game; his situation is delicate, he must ensure that nothing prejudices his much-wanted transfer.  Meanwhile governors come and go, each belittling of him; his games of seduction are unsuccessful; and all is undermined as he loses hope of ever leaving the hellhole that has become his whole world. When Zama accepts that the transfer is never going to arrive, he absconds and joins a renegade band of soldiers on the hunt for a mythic banditito.

This is a meditation on colonialism and class dynamics. Distinctively, Martel abandons a linear story, instead offering a sensorially saturated experience.  The exquisite images and sophisticated soundtrack distract from too much analysis.  Come with an open mind and settle back to enjoy the unique journey!

Some raves from critics round the world: "Mesmerising...exhilarating...intoxicating"(Variety);"Beautiful, hypnotic, mysterious and elliptical"  (NY Times); and "There's absolutely nothing else like it in theaters this year, which I mean as both a hearty endorsement and a necessary forewarning." (Atlantic).


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112 mins

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