"A glowing tribute to The Beatles and their music, this is both a toe-tapping pleasure to watch and a smart, occasionally scathing look at how we get things wrong." ★★★★ Empire

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Sat 20 Jul 15:00
Sun 21 Jul 18:00
Mon 22 Jul 20:50
Wed 24 Jul 20:30

Imagine, indeed, if there were no Beatles; it's not easy, even if you try...

...and try is exactly what Richard Curtis + Danny Boyle have done!  When aspiring singer/song writer Jack (Himesh Patel, Eastenders) awakes from a coma he finds that while he was unconscious a huge global power surge has expunged the Beatles from existence.  He seems to be the only person on the planet with any knowledge of the Fab Four.  The temptation is too much for him; scratching his head a bit to remember the lyrics - since he can't search the internet for them - Jack plunders their treasure trove to further his own musical ambitions.  He gains fame and fortune, but sacrifices the one relationship of worth - with his adoring 'manager' (Lily James) - along with his honesty.  

You know there has to be a twist at the end of this tale; there is, but not the one you might be expecting.  This is high concept stuff from Curtis, and he doesn't shy away from some genuine controversy while still enjoying the time-warp potential of it all, including a guest spot from Ed Sheerhan as the muso who discovers Jack.  Boyle excels with the music, and these relatively simple arrangements shine. It's wacky, whimsical comedy, but with a few sharp critiques along the way.  Enjoy!


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116 mins

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