"Jamaican and Black British culture is brought to life, and alongside the throbbing bass lines of the fantastic soundtrack..., it’s both refreshing and validating to see this reflected on the big screen." ★★★★ Cinevue

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First-time director Idris Elba has seized upon a ground breaking book – Victor Headley’s ferocious 1992 page-turner, which became compulsory reading and encouraged UK booksellers to market 'black fiction'  – and presents is broadly as accessible social history, with a cracking soundtrack!  We follow the life of D (Aml Ameen) as he is recruited in Jamaica as drug runner, going against the example of his pacifist Rasta older brother for whom music always points the way. Later, as a grown man with a grudge, D absconds with the drug delivery he carries to the UK and goes underground in Hackney, hoping to establish a new life off the illicit proceeds.

Elba shows great assurance in his new role, even taking charge of the 'B' camera on location.  "Yardie the film has ambition, confidence and energy, not to mention the novelty of being a rare homegrown period drama that isn’t beholden to pallid Downtonisms." (Mike McCahill, Guardian)


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102 mins

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