Wind River

"Directorial debut of 'Sicario' screenwriter Taylor Sheridan turns the story of a tracker, a Fed and a dead Native-American girl into a sharp social commentary that knocks you for a loop." Rolling Stone

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Fri 15 Sep 20:50
Sat 16 Sep 20:30
Sun 17 Sep 19:30
Mon 18 Sep 15:00
Tue 19 Sep 18:30

When the frozen body of a young Native American girl is found in deep snow drifts on reservation land, it recalls hunter/tracker Jeremy Renner's own tragic past.  Renner works for the government, tracking and killing predatory animals, and is well integrated with the local population.  When the FBI despatches a rookie agent (Elizabeth Olsen) to investigate the murder she has the good sense to understand that Renner's experience is of greater value in solving the crime than her knowledge of FBI procedures.  

Rooted in real events, this is more that the sum of its strong thriller parts.  "Luck don't live out here. Luck lives in the cities." says one of the characters, giving a sense of the gritty understanding of the hard-scrabble existence of native peoples - and also a sense of the spare-but-eloquent script.  Not surprisingly from the scriptwriter of excellent Sicario and Hell or High, this is rooted in some meaty social themes as it exposes the challenging lives of Native Americans; explores the legacy of loss and grief; and contrasts different models of modern masculinity.  And it's mighty pleasing to see Renner and Olsen short of a few Marvel super powers, and all the better for it!  Enjoy.


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107 mins

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