William and the Windmill

"A subtle but beautiful portrait... This documentary gracefully illuminates issues of black, white, rich, poor, hard work, pain, destiny, and dreams." Austin Chronicle

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Sun 20 Aug 13:00

Forced to drop out of school, a Malawian teenager (William Kamkwamba) builds a Heath Robinson windmill, based on a book he finds at the library.  The windmill helps irrigate the family's crops and enables them to survive the period of famine.  When Michael's achievement becomes world news, this modest young man is invited onto a world stage - first a TED talk, then this documentary - from where he has inspired many others. The film was first shown in 2013 when it became a hit on the festival circuit, and it won the Grand Jury Documentary Award at SXSW Festival.

As well as offering the chance to see this fascinating, inspiring and plain heart-warming film, the £10 ticket will help send Natasha Self to Malawi for a term of service with VSO.  She says: "The placement is managing a team of 18 youth volunteers.  We'll be working in schools to empower young women about sex and relationships, and in the community to facilitate workshops on sexual health, all aimed at preventing the further spread of HIV/AIDS."

Natasha has been an itinerant member of the Lexi team since we first opened, and we're very proud to support her in this next adventure!


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95 mins

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