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Giovanna Iorio, In the Woods, photography/text/music.  Wed 22 Nov - Mon 8 Jan

I grew up in a small village in the south of Italy where now only a handful of people live.  As time passes, the villages empty and crumble.  Some houses are abandoned, but sometimes a door opens, allowing a glimpse into the rooms and the past.  They are full of objects and memories. One day I took some clothes and objects from the houses... I brought them to the woods.  I took photographs and they came alive again.

Contact:  giovannaiorio96@gmail.com  


Gavin Clive-Smith, Photo Painting - Painting with Light. Tue 9 Jan - Mon 18 Feb

I make paintings using my camera. All of my images are single shot exposures - they are not manipulated later in any way. There are no post-production overlays, no computer tricks, no double exposures. I control it all in the camera at one time. 

Using movement and extended exposures, I liquefy Light to become like paint, moving it across the camera (canvas) in broad sweeps and precise lines - thick, thin and multiple marks, like the interplay of brush strokes.  

Contact: gavinclivesmith@gmail.com


Catherine Parkinson, How Roots and Stems overcome all Difficulties, watercolours and drawings. Tue 19 Feb - Mon 8 Apr

This work explores the ingenuity and stoicism of plants faced with adversity, and also their fierceness and resilience.  I aim for scientific accuracy but I also want to communicate the ways plant behaviour can resonate with our own.  To facilitate this I paint onto fabric covered in plaster of Paris.  This surface can make it hard to control the paint, causing the image to evolve in surprising ways.

Catherine is an artist and mosaicist.  She also teaches drawing and mosaics.. Examples of her work can be seen at : www.catherineparkinson.com

Contact: info@catherineparkinson.com

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