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Susan Austin, Norfolk landscapes, Wed 31 May - Mon 10 Jul 

Susan is captivated by the colour, light and texture of the East Anglian coastline, and she’s inspired to capture the fragility and mutability of its boundaries, borders and defences. "One day we go there and it is as it always has been: the next time, it is gone forever."  This series is of fleeting moments from a visit to Titchwell in North Norfolk in April 2015.  Contact:  susan.austin@care4free.net


Christine Warrington, prints, Wed 12 Jul - Mon 28 Aug  

Christine’s work encompasses and addresses the historical and current realities of displacement, dis-spacement and containment.  She addresses London where modernity fractures, fragments and splinters contemporary life and old structures are dismantled and erased.  Using mixed media, including printmaking, Christine has been working it out in the margins.  Contact:  christinewarrington2@yahoo.co.uk


Pedro Perez, photography, Wed 30 Aug - Mon 9 Oct 
‘Side Show’ is a selection of monochrome photographs taken over the past four years, mostly with early Leica screw cameras. Images include seaside resorts, carnivals, demonstrations and back alleys. It’s everyday street life; minor, uncontrived moments, Life’s side show.  Apart from ‘O’ level art, Pedro is self-taught.  Contact:  pedroaperez@ntlworld.com 



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