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Enid Richardson, Memories of Home, enamel paints.  Tue 4 Sep - Mon 15 Oct

Enid Richardson came from Trinidad during the Windrush period, and made a new home in West London.  In her later years she was a regular at The Pepper Pot Club, a social club for retired West Indians.  Enid started out at the club making the soup for lunch.  By the time she was in her 70s she was fully engaged in the art classes that were on offer.  She chose to use enamel paints, and her subjects always drew on her memories of her home in the Caribbean. 

These paintings are on loan from The Pepper Pot Club. They were last publicly displayed at an exhibition at The Tabernacle in 1990.  Some of the paintings will be featured in the documentary, A Very Caribbean Pot, which we will be showing on Sat 13 Oct at 15:00.


Charles Penny, watercolours and oils, Tue 16 Oct - Mon 26 Nov

Charles is drawn to colour, light and pattern, whilst conveying the character of his initial inspiration. Whether landscape or still life, his approach is spontaneous and lively, often seeking out the more quirky, unrecorded scenes around us. He is based in London, but finds his subject matter at home and abroad, painting his observations in watercolour and oils.

Email:  charles.penny@gmail.com  |  Website:  http://www.charlespenny.co.uk/




Camilla Brendon, Coast, mixed-media, Tue 27 Nov - Mon 7 Jan

The second showing of work from Camilla’s project COAST. This ongoing series explores The British Isles, with a focus on its coastline, rivers and canal system. COAST looks at isolation, rugged nature and manmade environments. The works explore a nation along with its geography and its choices. 

"I take pattern and repeated forms found in nature. I then re-work them and abstract them to create mixed media pieces on man-made objects which are often found or repurposed."

Email:  camillabrendon@gmail.com  |  Website:  www.camillabrendon.com  |  Instagram:  @camillabrendon

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