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Stuart Cashmore, abstract and architectural photography, Tue 8 Jan - Mon 18 Feb

Stuart is a London-based semi-professional photographer whose work is based primarily on the built environment. His pictures re-examine the everyday, finding beauty in reflections, architecture, a staircase, and rejoice in repetition and imperfect symmetry. Objects are reduced to line, pattern and colour. Stuart has exhibited frequently, including at the RA Summer Exhibition (2014) and a solo exhibition at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, in 2017.

Contact: stuart@scapho.co.uk | Website:  www.scapho.co.uk


Catherine Meynell, charcoal and oil paint, Tue 19 Feb - Mon 1 Apr

Working in charcoal and oil, this is the first exhibition by filmmaker-now-artist Catherine Meynell.  Her show features oil seascapes from her childhood home in Cornwall, big skies over the South Downs in Sussex, and charcoal works inspired by the woodlands of Hampstead Heath.

Contact:  katemeynell@icloud.com



Sahar Haghgoo, Hidden Worlds, ink, Tue 2 Apr - Mon 13 May

Among the routines of eating, drinking, sleeping, awakening, seeing and hearing there is a place, somewhere between earth and heaven, between dream and reality. In this place of suspended consciousness I find new shapes, and I look to know myself there.

Contact:  sahar.haghgoo@gmail.com | Website:  http://www.coroflot.com/saharhaghgoo | Instagram: Sahar__Haghgoo 


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