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John Blandy, Following a lime tree, T​he Fall, pastels, Tue 15 Oct - Sun 24 Nov

John makes longitudinal studies of trees, standing on one spot. He works in pastel and responds to the change of light and weather conditions. Through a series of images a story evolves about the artist’s place within landscape. Over the last year he has exhibited across the UK, and also in France. Series of this work are in the collections of Hammersmith Hospital and St George’s Hospital Tooting and in private collections. 

Contact: via www.johnblandy.co.uk



Giovanna Iorio, Voice Portraits, spectograms, Tue 26 Nov - Sun 5 Jan

Giovanna Iorio is a poet and sound artist based in London. Her work has been exhibited in UK and Italy. "Voice Portraits" is a collection of  poets' voices turned into spectrograms. She has selected poets from all over the world, from the past and the present, turning their voices into a multicoloured and vibrant gallery of portraits: each voice has created a unique painting for a multi sensorial and fulfilling aesthetic experience of the human voice. Every voice is unique and the voice portraits reveal the beauty of each poem. 

Contact: giovannaiorio96@gmail.com


Wallis Eates, Wings and Oranges, Tue 7 Jan - Mon 17 Feb

Wallis Eates is a comics artist and storyteller who takes inspiration from real life narratives, promoting voices rarely heard. ‘Wings’ is a collaboration with writer Victoria Anderson and the men of HMP Wandsworth, documenting their time working together in the prison.  ‘Like an Orange’ tells stories of the brain injury survivors she met at the charity Headway’s art studio, ‘Submit to Love’, and is due to be published by Unbound Books. Wallis has just been awarded an Arts Council Grant to support her work on 'Like an Orange'.

Contact:  walliseates@gmail.com | Instagram and Twitter @walliseates | www.walliseates.wixsite.com/walliseateswww.etsy.com/uk/shop/WallisEates
To crowdfund ‘Like an Orange’ go to www.unbound.com/books/like-an-orange

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