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Pedro Perez, photography, Wed 30 Aug - Mon 9 Oct 

‘Side Show’ is a selection of monochrome photographs taken over the past four years, mostly with early Leica screw cameras. Images include seaside resorts, carnivals, demonstrations and back alleys. It’s everyday street life; minor, uncontrived moments, Life’s side show.  Apart from ‘O’ level art, Pedro is self-taught.  Contact:  pedroaperez@ntlworld.com 



Esther Ainsworth E_S_T, sound and installation + prints, Wed 11 Oct - Mon 20 Nov

Esther's work responds to natural and man-made environments, producing site specific installations which enhance and deepen our experience of location and sense of place.  Her work often includes an interactive element, engaging communities and considering the integration of communication as a creative tool.  She has created an extensive range of projects in unusual and challenging locations, including high streets, bridges, automobiles and nature reserves.

This new body of work, created specifically for the Lexi, will include field recordings from selected locations within a one mile radius of the cinema, accompanied by related prints.

Contact:  ainsworthesther@hotmail.com; estherainsworth.com; soundcloud.com/e_s_t


Giovanna Iorio, photography + text,  Wed 22 Nov - Mon 8 Jan

"I grew up in a small village in the south of Italy where now only a handful of people live.  As time passes, the villages empty and crumble.  Some houses are abandoned, but sometimes a door opens, allowing a glimpse into the rooms and the past.  They are full of objects and memories. One day I took some clothes and objects from the houses... I brought them to the woods.  I took photographs and they came alive again."  Contact:  giovannaiorio96@gmail.com  

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