"A sobering, haunting but completely fresh look at Whitney’s life and death that will reframe everything you think you know about the singer." Empire

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Whitney Houston - another story of extraordinary talent and tragic vulnerability played out all too publicly.  This is the second documentary to chart her rise and fall in just a year, although Nick Broomfield's early runner was rather scrappy, lacking the access and assurance of Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald's (Touching the Void, Marley) authorised version.  News coverage from the period is intercut with family pictures and video, demo tapes and unreleased songs, contrasting the joy of early "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" with the later confession of her recurring nightmare of being chased: "When I wake, I'm always exhausted." Candid interviews with Whitney's mother, brothers and her wider circle build up a complex tapestry of weakness and exploitation made all the more poignant because we know the outcome.  But just when you think you have it all figured out - the drugs, betrayal by her father, marriage to abusive Bobby Brown and all - Maconald unearths an allegation that causes you to think again...

"The film captures the quality that made Whitney Houston magical, but more than that it puts together the warring sides of her soul."  Variety


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117 mins

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