When Harry Met Sally

"I'll have what she's having!"

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Nora Ephron's most beloved romantic comedy opened in theaters more than 25 years ago. We'll (still) have what she's having.

Before Seinfeld, there was...When Harry Met Sally.  This classic romcom from 1989 was the funniest movie of its year, exploring as it does the nature of friendship between the two sexes.  Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan play good friends whose lives converge and diverge - with new relationships, break-ups and periods of abstinence - but who always are able to talk about it with each other.  And talk they do, as they challenge the archetypes of male/female relationships with wit and insight, all the while skirting around the question of whether they can maintain their close friendship without sex ever rearing its head.

We're screening this as a late Valentine's Day matinee.  We find romance always goes better with laughter!  And we will throw in some chocolate, to sweeten the experience.


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91 mins

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