What Men Want

"Henson brings strength, radiance, precision, and presence to the gags and playful situations, and to the drama" New Yorker

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What would you do if you found that you could suddenly hear the thoughts of the opposite sex?  Ball-busting sports agent Ali Davis (played by the hugely talented Taraji P Henson) goes loco when her boss reveals she'll never make partner because she's a woman in a board room full of men, and an encounter with a psychic and some dodgy tea - “I thought black people stopped drinking tea after 'Get Out',” deadpans Ali’s assistant - gives Ali the gift of hearing men's thoughts. Once the novelty dies down, Ali realises this gives her the edge she needs to get her own back.

This bouncy, hugely fun gender swap comedy is a timely inversion of the 2000 hit What Women Want, given extra edge with an added colour agenda.  Says RogerEbert.com:  "The smartest choice this movie makes is recognizing that women do not need help figuring out what men think because men are very good at telling us, through “mansplaining.” And media. And porn. Wisely, What Men Want is about a woman who needs to understand her own thoughts and feelings."  Combined with the irresistible Taraji, that'll do nicely for us! 


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117 mins

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