"There are no stagecoaches or six-shooters in this sharp, simmering drama of German-Bulgarian discord, but the spirit of John Ford graces it." Variety

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A motley crew of German construction workers are posted to a poor, remote village in Bulgaria to build an EU infra-structure project.  From the start there are simmering tensions between the two communities, as there are rifts and rivalries among the work crew.  One man stands aloof from all the posturing and manoeuvring, though:  Meinhard (excellent first-time actor Meinhard Neuman) builds up friendships with the villagers, flirts with the possibility of romance, and arranges for the use of a local horse while he is there.  When relations between the two communities break down alarmingly, Meinhard must navigate between many vested interests to find the common ground to reestablish a delicate equilibrium.

It's not surprising that this rich and subtle study of masculinity, the outsider and the (EU) community comes from a woman, writer/director Valeska Grisebach!  And to add to the mix, she has gone back to the grand ol' tropes and traditions of the Western to frame the themes.  (Yes, the horse is white!)  This was a critical favourite on the film festival circuit last year and it arrives garlanded by praise:

"Free of affectation and distinguished by a generosity and sincerity exceedingly rare in cinema, Western's poignant celebration of human resilience is nothing short of spectacular."  Sight and Sound

"Engages, subverts and finally renews the classic Western for our present moment."  LA Times

"Reworking familiar genre ingredients, from the mysterious loner to a close-knit rural community, it touches lightly on issues of European identity, toxic masculinity and the way the past never quite surrenders its grip over the present."  The List


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121 mins

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