“Naturalistic, nicely paced and well played…[we] invest in its fragile father/son relationship and will them to acknowledge that there is more that unites them than threatens to drive them apart.” Hollywood Reporter

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Wed 03 Oct 18:30
Thu 04 Oct 18:30

Abu Shadi (Mohammad Bakri) is a school teacher living in Nazareth. After years of being a single parent, now his daughter is getting married and moving out. In preparation his son Shadi (real life son, Saleh Bakri), an architect living in Rome, comes to hand deliver all 340-odd invitations, as is the custom.  As the estranged pair spend the day together, the detail of their tense relationship is revealed indirectly, with a fine eye for 'show, not tell'.  The day's pilgrimage - for that's what it is - is characterised by friendship, family and duty (the 'wajib'), a gentle vein of humour, and considerable wisdom in its presentation of the father/son relationship, and the challenges of living with the 'occupier' in an occupied land.  Although the politics in the film are particular, its warm humanity is universal.


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97 mins

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