Jonathan Glazer / Certificate 15 / 108 mins / UK, Switzerland (2013)

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"Very erotic, very scary,  Visually stunning and deeply disturbing." ★★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Scarlett Johansson is perfectly cast as the alien succubus who drives around a grim and gritty Glasgow in a knackered white transit, luring men back to her place for decidedly sinistre purposes! 

It took director Glazer (Sexy Beast) ten years to film the cult hit novel by Michael Faber.  Along the way Glazer decided to relocate the story to Glasgow, and to use public spaces populated by unwary bystanders for many of the sequences where Johansson is on the prowl for her next partner.  The result is uncanny, as we see the denizens of Glasgow p.o.v. Johansson.  We are invited to see these people as alien objects for study, and it is a very strange and dislocating experience.  A crisis eventually sparks a process of self-reflection and discovery in the alien - and leads to a stomach punch of a denouement.  

To read more about Glazer's obsession with the book and the difficulties realising his vision of it, click here for a fascinating Guardian interview.

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