Jan Beddegenoodts / No cert / 52 mins / Belgium, Palestine, Israel 2013 / Subtitles

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Palestine Community Foundation presents Thank God It's Friday as our #LexiVirtual documentary this week. The documentary was directed by Jan Beddegenoodts and offers a unique snapshot of life in sidebyside communities in the occupied West Bank, a Palestinian village Nabi Saleh and an Israeli settlement Halamish, directly opposite. 

"Beddegenoodts does not try to present a narrative of 'two sides' who just misunderstand each other. He lets everyone speak for themselves. The result is 50 minutes of powerful viewing, even for those who think they already know much about the situation in Palestine. Take the time to watch and share this remarkable film."- Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Infantada

Palestine Community Foundation are an NGO based in London, working to promote Palestinian justice and culture. They believe peace can only come from justice, and justice only from understanding. Documentaries such as this one aid that understanding.

Watch Virtual: THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY here.


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