Tom McCarthy / Cert 15 / 129 mins / USA (2015)

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"It has the sinew of a really good procedural, underpinned by genuine moral outrage."  ★★★★ Guardian

The true story of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team, and its 2002 campaign to investigate a cover-up of child abuse within the Boston Catholic church.  When new Editor Marty Baron (Liev Schrieber) takes over at the paper, feathers are ruffled.  He's not from Boston. He's not married. And he's not Catholic (he's Jewish).  When Marty insists on rehashing a dormant case alleging child abuse by a priest, the investigative team are sceptical, but their element-by-element discovery builds inexorably to a case of shocking dimensions.  

This scooped 'Best Film' and 'Best Original Screenplay' at the Oscars that year, and it was a huge hit with the public.  The stellar cast (including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel Adams and Stanley Tucci) excellently convey the dawning horror as they realise that abuse is as much about power as sex, and director McCarthy's steady-as-she-goes procedural treatment of the story delivers a whammy!

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