Jon Watts / Certificate 12 / 122 mins / USA (2017)

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"News Flash: Tom Holland is the best movie Spider-Man ever. He finds the kid inside the famous red onesie and brings out the kid in even the most hardened filmgoer."  Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

After his thrilling experience with the Avengers (see Captain America: Civil War), young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) returns to home, high school and life with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), Parker starts to embrace his new found secret identity but it's tough to strike a balance between being a geeky all American kid and a superhero-in-training!  When evil villain Vulture (Michael Keaton) threatens everything he holds dear, Peter's training period comes to an abrupt finish as he steps up to his destiny.

Thankfully, MCU rescued Spider-man from recent doldrums with this joyous crowd-pleaser!  Tom Holland is sensational, and makes a gawky, comical teen hero credible; Keaton's Vulture is  a complex character with credible class war issues; and the film is allowed to be a standalone delight rather than having to fit snuggly into the growing, complex relations across the MCU cannon.  Enjoy!

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