John Maclean / Certificate 15 / 84 mins / UK, New Zealand (2015)

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"It’s only slow in the way a rattlesnake or a predatory killer is slow. This terrific film is actually tense, twisty and brilliant." ★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Young Jay Cavendish (Kobi Smit-McPhee,The Road) is on a quest to find his true love Rose, whose flight from their homeland Scotland he holds himself responsible for.  Venturing across Colorado with prim suit and high ideals, the callow youth makes for an easy mark in the lawless Frontier until he has the apparent good fortune to run into sharp shooter Silas (Michael Fassbender) who he hires to be his guide.  If there is little of romance to their journey, there is much droll observation as they narrowly escape from encounters with thieves, unfriendly natives, vicious bounty hunters and a camply nasty ex-colleague of Silas's (Ben Mendelsohn).

This gem of a tale is a loving reinvention of the Western, paying tribute as much to the Coen Brothers' True Grit as to John Ford's Stagecoach. The script - also by musician-turned-filmmaker Maclean - is as sharp as barbed wire, and this stylish, post-modern reinvention feels authentic, as violence and horror sit alongside the growing tenderness in the relationship between Jay and Silas.  It was a hit at festivals and delighted the critics; if you missed it before, don't let it get away this time!

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