Joseph Losey / Cert 15 / 110 mins / UK (1964)

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“It is a brilliant, subversive account of class relations and the changing times.” ★★★★★ Guardian

In a recent article on ‘more to watch if you loved Parasite’, Time Out critic Tom Huddleston said: "Adapted from a Robin Maugham novel by the great Harold Pinter and directed by Hollywood exile Joseph Losey with half an eye on the French New Wave, The Servant is a forensic dissection of the British class system at the dawn of the 60s, as every set-in-stone rule of the social order was beginning to crumble. Told through the eyes of two men – James Fox’s foppish gadabout Tony and Dirk Bogarde’s quietly sadistic manservant Barrett – The Servant, like Parasite, explores the shifting power balance between the idle rich and those they hire to provide for them."

MUBI says: Our retrospective on Joseph Losey, a self-described “romantic Marxist”, continues with this psychosexual and psycho-social masterpiece. His first of many collaborations with Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter, it stars Losey’s frequent muse Dirk Borgarde as a disrupter of British decorum.

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