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Nanni Moretti / Cert 15 / 107 mins / Italy, France (2015)

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"Warm, witty and seductive. A tremendously smart and enjoyable movie."  ★★★★ Guardian

Life is complicated for Margherita (Margherita Buys).  She is in the middle of the shoot of a major feature film, and her box office 'ace', American actor Barry Huggins (John Turturro) is a jerk who doesn't seem to know she's the director.  Away from the set, things don't get any less challenging.  Margherita''s mother has just received a terminal diagnosis, Margherita's teenage daughter confides in her gran rather than her mother, and when Margherita's brother (played by Moretti himself) offers to be there for their mother as Margherita can't, all the old guilt buttons are pushed.

Auteur filmmaker Moretti (The Son's Room) is known for his nuanced autobiographical films, and this won the Ecumenical Prize at Cannes in 2015.  In this, he has changed the gender of the lead character - based largely on Moretti.  The result is as much a love letter to cinema - addressing the question, "Why do we put ourselves through all this?" - as it is a tragicomic story about love, death, and family.  Along the way a resurgent John Turturro steals more than a few scenes, to a striking a soundtrack featuring Arvo Pärt and Jarvis Cocker.

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