Anna Biller / Cert 15 / 118 mins / USA (2016)

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"Drenched in the Technicolor 60s, Anna Biller’s outrageous, showstopping B-movie oozes with A-grade potency."  ★★★★★  Guardian

Samantha Robinson plays beauteous Elaine, an abandoned wife who turns to white magic to guarantee her looove.  Well, sex, really, because the more smitten her poor swains become, the more they disappoint...and the more unfortunate are their endings.  Its all bound to go wrong when Elaine truly falls for the policeman tasked with investigating the disappearances in the town.

Amazing factoid no. 1:  multi-talented Biller designed, produced, wrote, directed and generally 'auteured' this incredible homage/pastiche herself.  The film wears its inspirations - hilarious Technicolor Hammer sexploitation shlock horror with a dollop of Hitchcock on top - on its gauzy sleeve, and then it subverts the source material to interrogate the transactional nature of sexual politics and the misogynistic vision of womanhood enshrined in the originals.  Stick with it; it's a luxuriant, luscious '99 ice cream' of feminist filmmaking.

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