Steve James / Cert 12 / 171 mins / USA (1994)

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"One of the most critically acclaimed documentaries of all time, Hoop Dreams is a rich, complex, heartbreaking, and ultimately deeply rewarding film that uses high school hoops as a jumping-off point to explore issues of race, class, and education in modern America." 98% approval rating, Rotten Tomatoes

Filmed over five years, Hoop Dreams follows two Black youths from disadvantaged Southside Chicago during their 4 years at high school.  Both are gifted athletes, and basketball is their most likely ticket out of the projects. The obstacles they face include parental drug addiction, family poverty, and inner-city violence, on top all the usual athletic challenges like injuries. We follow them as they follow their dreams, even though the odds seem heavily stacked against them.

Not just a landmark documentary but a true American epic, Hoop Dreams caused a sensation on its release in 1994. It won the Audience Award at Sundance and the Oscar for Best Editing, and it has been winning (and breaking) hearts ever since.  Even 26 years on, this is regarded as one of the greatest works of non-fiction cinema.

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