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Gianfranco Rosi / Cert 12A / 114 mins / France, Italy (2016)

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"The film does not take a view; it does not demand action. It simply shows us the details, and I felt I learned more from this film than from the nightly TV news.  'Fire at Sea' is masterly film-making."  ★★★★★  Guardian  "'Fire at Sea' is impressionistic and intensely absorbing. Like one of Frederick Wiseman’s documentaries, it compels you to infer a big picture from a series of extended, intimate scenes." NY Times

Director Rosi enigmatically juxtaposes the experiences of immigrants making their way from north Africa to Lampedusa, the closest European landfall, with the every day existence of an ordinary Lampedusan family. We follow young  Samuele as he wanders freely around the island in preference to doing homework, and ends up at the GP, Dr Bartolo, for help with a lazy eye and reports of breathlessness.  Dr Bartolo is the one cross-over character in the doc; just as he diagnoses that maybe Samuele is showing signs of anxiety, he is also the medic who travels out to the foundering, over-loaded refugee boats to provide first-response support.  His blanket decency and humanity tie together these seemingly disparate plot lines, and at the end you have an understanding of the texture of life on the island, and also how daily life largely looks away from the plight of the migrants who regularly wash up on the shores. 

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We've chosen this singular, award-winning documentary to commemorate Refugee Week (15-21 June).  We're pleased that local charity Salusbury World will be co-hosting the screening and discussion after at 18:30 on Mon 15.  Then at 20:30 we look forward to discussing the film and the issues over on the Lexi's Facebook page.  


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