Virtual: BACURAU

Directed by Kleber Mendonca Filho & Juliano Dornelles / Cert 18 / 131 mins / Brazil/France (2019) / Subtitles

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"Part of what's exciting is how the filmmakers marshal genre in the service of their ideas, using film form to deflect, tease and surprise."  NY Times

Bacurau, an isolated village in rural Brazil, is shaken by the death of its matriarch. But as they gather to celebrate and bury her, it becomes obvious something strange is happening; the water supply has been cut off, and the village has disappeared completely from satellite maps. Under threat from an unknown enemy, Bacurau braces itself for a brutal fight for survival.

Inspired by classic American westerns and Brazilian cinema of the '60s, this futuristic, ultra violent revenge tale ventures into genre (blurring) territory!  It scooped the Jury Prize at Cannes 2019, and features key performances from two superb 'old timers', Sonia Braga and Udo Keir.  It's an utterly distinctive experience, from one of the most exciting directors - Filho - at work today.

On Mon 30 Mar we'll be watching Bacurau at 18:30.  Watch 'with' us in your home, glass of wine in hand, and then join us on our Facebook page at 20:45 to chat about the film.

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