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Rainer Werner Fassbinder / Cert 12A / 94 mins / Germany (1974) / Subtitles

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"One of the great romantic films of the 1970s." ★★★★★ LW Lies  "Fassbinder’s 1974 movie is as quietly amazing as ever, a simple, clear story and yet with its own sophisticated moral intelligence." ★★★★★ Guardian, 2017  "One of the most beautiful films ever made, plain and simple." Tom Huddleston, Time Out

Two lonely people find comfort in each other's company and marry.  Not everyone wishes them well, though, because cleaner Emi (Brigitta Mira) is in her sixties and her partner, Ali (El Hedi ben Salem), is a much, much younger mechanic from Morocco. Their marriage reveals the enduring faultlines of bigotry in German society. Initially the relationship is strengthened by the opposition, but as the opprobrium settles down, the couple become more introspective about their attraction.

The subtitle - "The story of an impossible love" - says much!  This is Fassbinder's Grand Prix-winning, finger-shaking and anger-making adaptation of Douglas Sirk's 50s melodrama, All That Heaven Allows. Its story was urgent, and relevant to the racism and arrogance in German society in the 70s, and it is still urgent and relevant now.  It was a very personal film for Fassbinder:  he wrote, directed, art directed and appeared in the film, and his real life partner, ben Salem, played Ali. Much of the film's power is due to the quality of the two central performances, credible then and still heart-tuggingly engaging now.

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