"A head-spinning shock-and-awe satire that comes in hot then cranks up the thermostat to infernal – a Molotov cocktail of biopic, documentary and black comedy, with a thrillingly short fuse." ★★★★ Telegraph

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In an era where it's very hard for satire to compete with the often absurd daily news, Vice stands out!  Remember the one about the man who got elected President in spite of having set his hat no higher than the goal of managing a baseball team...?  George W Bush (played by Sam Rockwell) made up for his lack of experience, political agenda and network of connections by offering the role of Vice President to one of the most ruthless and cunning customers around, one Dick Cheney.  Negotiating a return to politics after lining his bank vault working as CEO at private sector Halliburton, Cheney (Christian Bale) offers to take over some of the more onerous responsibilities of the Presidency:  looking after Foreign Policy, the Military and Energy policy.  It was to be an extremely successful partnership - particularly if you happened to be a shareholder in Halliburton...

This is a flashy, bitingly funny treatment from director Adam McKay (The Big Short), showcasing a barnstorming, award-winning performance from Christian Bale who transformed himself into a big, blandly malevalent toad for the role, and as Cheney's ambitious wife the ever excellent Amy Adams conjures up a modern dress Lady Macbeth with relish.  Don't expect 'balance' here; the political anger that drives filmmaker McKay leaves no room for extenuation, but sometimes it's better to be invited to laugh at the Devil* than to dine with him.

*See Bale thank Satan for the inspiration of his performance.


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