"It’s chilling and brilliant and beautiful and sad and funny and truthful and everything that marks this out as statement cinema of the most empowering kind ." ★★★★★

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Thu 24 May 18:20

Our first view of Marlo (Charlize Theron) is just her 9 month pregnancy bump, 'bonus child', number 3, as it swims into shot.  She is flailing after the birth: her husband is blandly sympathetic but not supportive; child no. 2 - a pesky 5 year old with too many difficult questions - is generally acknowledged by all to be "quirky"; and her post-partum body resemblies"a 3D relief map for emergency supplies."  It's a deeply realistic picture of a slow slide into post natal depression - as a result of getting what you wished for.  Enter first-world solution, night nanny Tully (Mackenzie Davis), a 21st century Mary Poppins who helps put things together again while also reminding Marlo of her own lost youth.  Over-coming Marlo's initial scepticism, the two form a complex, rewarding friendship which has an unexpected outcome.

Smart and smart-assed, this lippy, poignant and occasionally melancholic look at the realities of motherhood comes from the Juno/Young Adult team, director Jason Reitman and Oscar winning writer, Diablo Cody.  It's really Cody's film, coming after 12 years - and 3 children - since she wrote Juno.  And if this might be another chance at an Oscar for Cody, by all accounts Charlize Theron has not been this good since her statuette-grab for Monster in 2004. 

And if we're being a wee bit catty here, it bears saying that Theron gained 50 pounds for this part  which makes Amy Schumer's exploitation of her own size look a bit self-aggrandising.  So to speak!


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