Too Late To Die Young

“Breathtaking images…a gorgeously textured childhood memoir” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Showing Times

Sun 26 May 20:15

We are very pleased that director Dominga Sotomayor will join us for a live Q&A after the film.

Chile 1990, a country stretching its wings post-Pinochet, exhilarated by new-found freedom but still tentative in the face of an uncertain future.  This political reality is paralleled by this story of an idealistic community living off-grid in a commune in the foothills of the Andes. The film concentrates on the adolescents:  sixteen year old Sofia yearns to return to sophisticated urban life until motorcycle-riding Ignacio turns up; Lucas watches on in dismay as he is eclipsed in Sofia's eyes; ten year old Clara misses her beloved dog, Frida, and imagines a number of glorious alternative fates for the missing pet.  As each attempts to make sense of their burgeoning feelings, in the background their country is learning to come to grips with years of brutal fascist rule. 

This delicate evocation from writer/director Dominga Sotomayor unspools in the gilded hues of an eternal summer, against an understanding that nothing is permanent.  It's headily atmospheric, and won the Leopard for Best Direction at Locarno Film Festival last year.


Film Information

110 mins

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