Thunder Road

"Rips the band-aid off a certain kind of contempo middle-class heartland despair, and the result is an altogether uncanny small drama." Variety

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With his marriage on the rocks and his mother recently dead, police officer Jim Arnaud (writer/director/actor Jim Cummings) is walking an emotional high wire, trying to be a good father to his daughter while repeatedly messing up at work. Life is a struggle on every front and, attempting to find light in the darkness, he keeps getting in his own way.

This is a real tour de force from Arnaud.  The film grows out of his Sundance Award-winning short from 2016, a 12 minute single take of the Arnaud character struggling to hold it together while paying tribute in front of his mother's casket in church, his mind cascading with grief, pain and regret, gruelling self-reflection spilling out indiscriminately. The feature film starts with pretty much the same bravura opening and then free-wheels with the zeitgeist of rage, anxiety, machismo and isolation. Always unpredictable, the film is sometimes teeth-gritting, and at other times you're invited to find the comedy in the performance.  It's a juggling act, but Cummings' risk-taking rewards!


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90 mins

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