"Tenet once again proves Nolan’s undying commitment to big-screen thrills and spills. Big, bold, baffling and bonkers... it is ferociously entertaining." ★★★★ Empire

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Our man - identified only as The Protagonist (John David Washington) - is inducted into a covert effort to avert global disaster.  Scientist Clemence Poesy's explanation baffles as much as it informs - us as well as him - when she introduces bullets that travel backwards; not backwards in time, more in reversing the behaviour of matter. It's an indication of just how elemental the threat is!  Armed with sophisticated gadgetry galore, backed by a big soundtrack and thrilling action sequences, Washington traverses the globe in pursuit of Kenneth Branagh’s evil genius, the arms-dealing oligarch, Andrei.  

Christopher Nolan's (Memento, Interstellar, Dunkirk) shtick is Time - the elusiveness and the elasticity of it - and there's a lot of time to explore his themes in this sumptuous 2.5 hour treat.  This is Bond without the baggage, huge thrills and spectacles, delivered by a distinguished cast served by a suave turn of phrase.  When he penned this magnum opus about saving the world, little did Nolan realise he would also be saving the experience of cinema going.  Tenet is hugely, definitively cinematic and it's clear why Nolan refused to go straight to VOD with it when Covid closed the cinemas. Celebrate being back in front of the big screen; buckle up and enjoy this heck of a thrill ride!  

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