Taste of Cement + Q&A

"An arresting meditation on construction and destruction." (Hollywood Reporter) Showing as part of London Migration Film Festival.

Showing Times

Mon 03 Dec 18:30

Says the Hollywood Reporter:  "Capturing the grueling quotidian [lives] of Syrian exiles working on a construction site in Beirut, Ziad Kalthoum’s Taste of Cement shows how the affects of war can be felt in the very fabric of the places we build and inhabit. Not much actually happens in the movie, and beyond an occasional voiceover there is hardly any dialogue, yet the director skillfully uses images and sound to plunge us into lives disrupted by years of conflict, revealing a continuous cycle where structures are erected in one place and demolished in the other. It’s an impressive feat of formalistic filmmaking that has garnered several awards on the festival circuit — as well as receiving a Cinema Eye Honors nomination — and deserves further attention abroad."

There will be a live Q&A afterward.

The London Migration Film Festival is presenting this exceptional film as part of their week long programme, which takes place across London with films, plays, workshops and more.  The goal of LMMF is to portray the diversity, nuance and subjective experience within migration - including and beyond the refugee experience - in order to restore the inherent dignity and humanity.  We look forward to welcoming the Festival to the Lexi. 


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85 mins

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