"Suspiria is an alluring blend of sociopolitical allegory and visceral supernatural horror that yields imperfect, yet all the same fascinating results." Screen Rant

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Thu 13 Dec 19:30

Director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) and Tilda Swinton continue their collaboration in their fourth film together.  When they first met 25 years ago they found they shared an obsession with Dario Argento's 1977 Giallo horror, Suspiria.  "Several centuries we've been talking about it!" laughs Swinton.  The pair see this film as more of a reimagining than a remake, with more political context - Baader Meinhof attrocities, Berlin Wall - but the original female-driven narrative feels appropriately 'now'.  

Set in Berlin at the same time as the original, Swinton is Madame Blanc, artistic director of a world-renowned dance company with a dark secret at its core. The arrival of a talented new member (Dakota Johnson) stirs up dormant passions, ambitions and horrors in this exuberant celebration of the cult original.  Does it improve on the Argento version? Possibly not, but it has a heap load of outrageous fun exorcising the obessessions of devotees Swinton and Guadagnino!  (See if you can spot Swinton in her uncredited role.)


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153 mins

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