A Star Is Born

"A double act to leave you star struck. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are dazzling in this striking portrayal of the music industry’s highs and lows." ★★★★ Mark Kermode

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Established alt-country musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) discovers talented unknown, Ally (Lady Gaga). Ally is a force of nature, and her natural happiness shows Jackson another way of living.  With his sponsorship and encouragement Ally becomes a hugely successful singer-song writer, while she provides the emotional base that Jackson never had.  But as Ally's career increasingly takes her away from home, Jackson's demons are never far away...

Each generation produces its own version of A Star is Born.  Intriguingly they've all been good, and they're each uniquely of their own time and place.  In what might have seemed like risky casting, Lady Gaga proves a screen natural. With chemistry galore, considerable talents and very confident direction, this film is good!  And then there's the music...  "All you have to do is trust us."

"A total emotional knockout, but it's also a movie that gets you to believe, at every step, in the complicated rapture of the story it's telling."  Variety



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136 mins

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