Stan & Ollie

"The real head-scratcher is how such an endearingly modest, gentle film can say so much with such eloquence about a professional partnership... about the mysterious business of being funny; and about the toll taken by the passage of time." WSJ

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We first see Stan (Steve Coogan) and Ollie (John C Reilly) during the Depression, their heyday, when the pair's gentle, wistful humour provided a welcome escape. 'Tea for Two', 'You're Darn Tooting', and the signature custard pies - the pair were titans!  By 1952, though, their stars have faded and after many years of working separately they clutch at a reunion tour of UK music halls. The powerful magic of the old routines survives but the two friends have to delicately renegotiate the relationship that was the wellspring of their genius. Poor houses and grungey out-of-town digs don't help, nor does the arrival of their wives - a spikey double act in their own right - but friendship will out.  

This elegiac portrait of their relationship explores the elusive nature of comedy and the toll of time.  That it is so affecting is down to Coogan and Reilly - particularly Reilly - who become Laurel and Hardy from the inside out.  Coogan and Reilly hadn't met before this film, and they felt the skits got much better as they became friends on the shoot.  They also found the gracefully artless routines infernally difficult to recreate!  Such was the magic of Laurel and Hardy, and this sweet story provides a welcome chance to celebrate not only their legacy but also the value of friendship and collaboration.

Wed 30 Jan at 1:30pm is our Silver Screen show, tickets £5.  Friendly discussion afterwards is invited, and the films are shown with Hard of Hearing subtitles.  This means everything on screen is audio-described, such as *plane passes overhead*.  This is a boon for those who need it but may be too much information for others.  


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