Sorry To Bother You

"A likable loser takes cold calling to a new level in Boots Riley’s gleefully anarchic directorial debut that tackles race and class with the flair of peak Woody Allen" ★★★★ Mark Kermode

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It's the dystopian near future, in a look-alike Oakland, California.  Feckless-but-likeable Cassius (standout Lakeith Stanfield, Straight Outta Compton, Get Out of Here) is pleased to get hired for a lowly job telemarketing.  He's not making the quota on sales until a fellow black colleague (a choice cameo from Danny Glover) confides that he needs to use the white man's voice on the sales calls, the voice which says, "I don't really need your business, I'm doing you a favour here." From then Cassius rockets through the organisation, sloughing off friends and family as he aligns himself to extremely dubious causes in return for a dizzying number of zeros on his paycheck, a penthouse apartment, designer threads and a grandiose 'mobile.  Finally, a meeting with the Uber-capitalist Big Boss (gleefully played by Armie Hammer) explores the question that everyone has their price...

This exuberant, excoriating satire is one of the "year's best films," according to Lexi progammer Rosie - and she's seen a few!  Rapper Boots Riley has been refining the ideas for this, his first film, for awhile, trying out them out first in a script and then in an album. If it all sounds deranged, well, reality is pretty unhinged these days! The film is hugely ambitious, indicting the whole capitalist system as it rackets along with the speed and quick turns of a downhill bobsleigh ride. And it presents its thesis that an endless cycle of consumption dehumanises with imagination, intelligence and brio.  We're inclined to agree with Rosie...


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112 mins

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