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Look where founder Sally Wilton’s dream of 13 years ago led:  northwest London gained a cherished community cinema, affordable, accessible and friendly.  Our fund raising - 100% of our profits - for the charity we support has, truly, changed lives in South Africa, and our diverse programme celebrates film of all persuasions, bringing together people from far and wide across London.  And at the centre of this are our fabulous volunteers, those friendly and enthusiastic folk who welcome you at the box office, and serve you at the bar.

But with one screen and only 75 seats, we’re at capacity...

Sally has been dreaming again.  With the assistance of RISE Design Studio, we now have planning permission for a second screen, a beautiful sustainable building extending directly behind Screen 1.  (We’ve never had to refer to that before as ‘Screen 1’, but we're liking the sound of it!)  This new 30-seat space will expand our commercial programme, allowing us to do more of the valuable work we do in the community, working with school groups, the hard of hearing, vulnerable families and more.

Getting planning permission was hurdle no. 1.  The remaining hurdle is financing the project. Our strategy is two-fold: 

  • We have applied for a grant from Brent's NCIL fund, which would cover the costs of the structure.  The Council have told us we'll have the result within the next few weeks.
  • We are currently crowd funding for the remaining sum, which will cover the internal fit out of the cinema.  That's everything from a state of the art (reconditioned) projector through to the light switches.  


Many of you rallied in support of our planning application.  Once again we need your help, most immediately to catch the eye of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.  The Mayor's Fund co-invests in projects that bring local places to life.  Screen 2 is just such a project, and a donation from this fund would make a significant difference.


  • Making a donation is a very tangible way of showing support.  Small amounts, even, from a large number of people add up to a big endorsement!
  • Sign in to Spacehive, the crowd funding platform, 'like' our page and leave a message for all to see and the Mayor, too, will get the message.
  • "Sharing is caring..."  The more people we reach, the more likely we are to reach our goal.  You know what to do!


The crowd funding campaign finishes on 25 May.  We'll share developments with you on this page.  Please share your support with us.

THANK YOU from all of us at the Lexi!


Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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