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UPDATE:  We're there!  Where?  Well, we had a small ground-breaking ceremony at the end of July, a shiny red digger arrived immediately after, and then there was an impressive pour of concrete for the foundations. (We couldn't help thinking about Tom Hardy's tense thriller, Locke, which also featured a major concrete pour.)  Now the structural elements - the reinforced concrete ribs of the auditorium - are standing tall and proud, and are being rapidly engulfed by a wall of recycled London stock bricks.  Our Screen 2/Community Hub is growing, and is growing more beautiful by the day!

Watch this space for further updates.

BACKGROUND: Look where founder Sally Wilton’s dream of 13 years ago led:  northwest London gained a cherished community cinema, affordable, accessible and friendly.  Our fund raising - 100% of our profits - for the charity we support has, truly, changed lives in South Africa, and our diverse programme celebrates film of all persuasions, bringing together people from far and wide across London.  And at the centre of this are our fabulous volunteers, those friendly and enthusiastic folk who welcome you at the box office, and serve you at the bar.

And now we are poised to expand!  A new 30-seat space, directly behind the present building, will provide a state-of-the-art Screen 2/Community Hub.  This will allow us to extend our commercial programme, permitting us to do more of the valuable work we do in the community working with school groups, the hard of hearing, seniors and more.

This means:

  • We have planning permission for our beautiful eco-build, designed by RISE Design Studio
  • We have received an NCIL grant for £385k from Brent Council. (Huge thanks to Brent for endorsing the importance of both culture and cultures in a very diverse borough!)
  • We have met our crowdfunding campaign target of £141k, the cost of the fitting out of the new building. Thanks are due here to the many generous people in the community who chipped in.  We are also thrilled the Mayor of London singled us out for the top award from the Mayor's Fund - £50k - which, finally, allowed us to start dreaming of colour charts and mood boards rather than grant applications.


Hello, and big thanks for all your amazing support from all of the Lexi team.

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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