"It finds strength in texture, beauty in sadness, and an inspired finale in a crackpot arrangement of one of the singer's greatest hits." ★★★★★ Times

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Sat 29 Jun 19:50
Mon 01 Jul 20:50
Tue 02 Jul 20:45

The story of Elton John's amazing life, told chronologically and with good lip syncing to his music, would've been quite enough to satisfy.  Instead the team behind this shoot for the moon, with a much more risky - and interesting - treatment.  The biopic opens with 30 year old Elton (Taron Egerton) bursting into a group therapy session and confessing to just about every kind of addiction under the sun. His serial bouts of rehab punctuate the biography, introducing the story of an emotionally neglectful childhood; his crucial meeting with friend and song writing partner Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell); and the sorry, sordid story of his destructive relationship with manager/lover John Reid (a delightfully nasty turn from Richard Madden).

David Sexton in the Evening Standard says: "Taron Egerton, in a fantastic performance, doesn't impersonate Elton John, he becomes him; he doesn't lip-sync, he sings, making the songs matter in that moment in the story." To the credit of all concerned - and Elton's husband, David Furnish, is on board as producer - what comes through underneath all that diverting outrageousness is the long, painful search for the love and acceptance which eluded him as a child.  Nostalgia, homage, respect and great affection are all there, but so is a degree of emotional depth which makes this more than just a decent biopic of a fascinating artist.  Enjoy!


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121 mins

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