"A jaw-dropping profile of one man's battle with world governments, common decency and his own out-of-control ego." ★★★★ Time Out

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For one whose tradecraft is exposure of secrets, Julian Assange has proved a most elusive and uncooperative character!  Bailing out of a ghost-written biography deal with Andrew O'Hagan, he didn't provide full cooperation to award-winning documentary director Linda Poitras (CitizenFour), inspite of his having invited her into Wikileaks and his life to do this big screen profile.  At the outset Assange is frank and open, and our initial impression is of someone who is acting for the greater good.  After the rape charges surface, though, and he retreats into asylum at the Ecuador embassy, the twisted machinations of a massive ego become fascinatingly apparent in this compelling portrait of vanity.


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91 mins

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