The Rider

"Beautiful... Nothing short of magnificent." ★★★★★ Time Out

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Sat 29 Sep 14:00
Tue 02 Oct 18:30

Brady Jandreau, a genuine rodeo rider at a crossroad, plays Brady Jandreau in the film, a rodeo star who has been told that getting on a horse again could be the death of him.  We meet him at his discharge from hospital, a new metal plate in his head the souvenir of a catastrophic fall.  His choices are stark and, much as his family argues to keep him from riding again, Brady struggles to find meaning and purpose in a new reality where the best work he can find is shelf-stacking.

The West where Brady lives - South Dakota - is an area of rural poverty and social deprivation; people still just about get by through horse trading and refurbing wornout pick-up trucks. Director Chloe Zhao found this true, deeply poignant story and persuaded the real people to recreate their stories on camera. The result is is a profound and deeply moving social realist drama.  Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian has called it a sort of 'heightened documentary'.  Whatever, the result is remarkable and challenging and off-beat, and well worth the ride. 


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103 mins

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